What is Minimalism?

Do you ever feel like you are running from one task to another?

Multi tasking to get things done and constantly in catch up mode, mobile phone in hand, and answering email after email, and then suddenly it is time to feed the family and catch up on laundry ?

The bigger the home you have, the more you might fill it with it seems.

Minimalism is owning fewer possessions

It is intentionally owning less and removing their distraction so that you can focus on less. It values relationships, experiences, and is food for the soul. It lets us see what we already have and reminds us to be grateful.

It is freedom from modern mania. It slows us down and offers us the freedom to disengage by only keeping the essentials.

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

It means living with things you really need. It means removing anything that distracts us from living with intentionality and freedom.

Minimalist living is the opposite of boring. It removes mundane activities that take away from spending time with our loved ones.

Once we rid ourselves of the unnecessary, we’re able to decide what will define our lives. Some travel, some learn new skills and others will find themselves more involved in their families’ lives than ever before.

Becoming minimalist frees us to live a bigger life with a more passionate pursuit of our greatest purpose and goals.

What about all my sentimental things you ask?

Remember,”less” is not the same as “none.” Nobody should get rid of things that bring value to their life. Most minimalists keep some sentimental items in their life… they just keep less than others.

Sometimes it is only a matter of taking extra furniture out of a home that makes a home look more luxurious.

Many might miss the joy of minimalism because they are afraid to begin. They fear if they “minimize” an item from their home, they might need it again.  Yet truth be told, we actually need less than we think.

Begin by simply reducing the excess things in your home. For example reduce the things you do have. For instance, if you have an oversupply of linen, get rid of half. Declutter every cupboard in the home.

You might find that you have an abundance of cutlery, crockery and clothes that you never use. Why not give them to a good home instead? Charity shops are always in need of these good quality items.

Once you take that first step, you will start to experience the benefits of minimalism. You will enjoy the refreshing feeling of a less-cluttered cupboards, bedrooms and living areas.

Soon, you will notice countless other things that can be reduced in your home.

Before you know it, you will have made significant progress in your journey towards a more simplified life.  Food for thought?

The less you own, the less owns you

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