So why don’t the buyers love your beautiful home ?

It is a mistake to assume that what you like, somebody else will like too.

We are all so very different in our likes and dislikes and often this has a huge affect on the selling price of our homes when we do not take professional advice and act upon it.

Remember, nobody wants to buy a home that resembles somebody else’s life.

They want to imagine their life in your space.

So if you have ” treasures” everywhere, shelves overloaded well loved books, loads of dusty souvenirs everywhere from your travels, or photographs of personal experiences on every surface¬† – think again.

It is important not to take your buyers’ attention away from the “buying decision?” – they need to be emotionally placing their possessions in the spaces provided.

Rather remove those personal items, and clean up those bookshelves and tables and simplify the space, so that your buyers can imagine their things inside your home.

Dust and clean and make your home broadly appealing in every sense.

Never ignore any maintenance issues, no matter how small you they are.

It could be a small crack in the top pane of a bathroom window.

Buyers will immediately zone in on the negatives in order to drive the price down.

They might also think that you have ignored other simple maintenance issues which are unseen, and could then be nervous about their offer and make their offer conditional on several stringent building inspections or offer you much less than they would have paid.

No matter how small and insignificant it might seem to you it will not be that insignificant to them.

If you have a lovely manicured garden that you think will sell your home, then keep it that way, right up to settlement day.

There is nothing worse than a buyer’s disappointment seeing the property that they have purchased being left to weed growth and despair.

Some sellers seem to think that it is okay to stop the maintenance of the garden after the contract is signed.

Little do they know, that until the money is in their bank and keys are exchanged for moving day, things can still go wrong.

People can still have financial problems or sometimes people even die before settling. Life happens.

It is also not a good idea to remove plants unless you do this before you market your home and replace the plants with something similar, so that the overall effect is not ruined.

People fall in love with homes often because of their gardens, believe it or not.

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First impressions are really important

Remember “first impressions” are very important , so clean up the garden, remove any rubbish and make a statement with the front entrance especially.

Trim the bushes, mow the lawns and weed the gardens.

Take notice of the current market that you are selling in.

Know your competition.

That way your expectations will be realistic and you will be able to sell for a fair market price, if not higher, as the property will not sit around and become stale.

Lastly, when the time comes for your Salesperson to show the first buyers, make yourself scarce.

Selling your home is a partnership between you and your salesperson.

Your job is presentation and their job is getting it sold.

There is nothing worse for a buyer when the owner is hanging around.

The buyers do not say what they truly think and will often tell you what they think you want to hear and build your hopes up.

Without you there, they can provide honest feedback to your salesperson. Your salesperson can qualify them by asking the questions necessary to establish whether they are in your price range and whether they can buy unconditionally, or if their finance is in place.

There will be less disappointment all round then, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

© 2021||Author|Kathryn