When will it end?

Covid-19 has made it a long 16 months so far.

Just when it seems things are getting better, there is another outbreak.

Like many people, I have decided to wait and get vaccinated before travelling overseas, even though I miss my family so much. Having an auto immune disease makes that a logical decision.

At first I was hopeful that I could get vaccinated last month as we were originally told.

But now, it seems that my hopes of being vaccinated are probably not going to happen until later this year and even then, travelling might still be a while away.

Many of us are not getting any younger and are dreaming of travelling again, whether it is to see family or simply to tick something off a bucket list, or sadly for some, to get medical treatment that is not available in their own country.

Is the Covid delta variant about to strike again?

Whatever the reason, it is frustrating when you see people totally ignore the safety of others and knowingly travelling abroad for a weekend of fun, when they surely knew that they were putting others at risk by travelling from a covid hotspot.

It was reported recently, that one traveller came from a “known international covid hot-spot” and when he arrived in Wellington, NZ, spent many hours going from place to place at all hours of the day and night around the city seeking fun and entertainment.

Spending hours in a city pharmacy? Come on now- are we meant to believe that the long visit was just to chat to the pharmacist about the weather?

Are you also wondering how this couple got around the city. Did they go by taxi or Uber, or simply pass hundreds of people in the streets and put them all at risk too?

And now we are told that his partner who at first tested negative, has after several days, now tested positive as well for the dreaded “delta ” variant

So after visiting many crowded public venues, they finished their international weekend away by hopping on a plane to go home and infect more people on the plane getting there.

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Getting vaccinated sooner rather than later

NZ is reported to have only approximately 7 % of the population vaccinated to date, so many of us are wondering why the powers that be opened the borders to a covid hotspot and allowed this to happen.

The question is also being asked by many of us  – “Is enough being done to prevent things like this from happening over and over again?”

Many of us understand the necessity to get back to normal as soon as possible, but surely we could all do the right thing simply by thinking of others, before embarking on any trip overseas?

If you are living in a covid hotspot, or have been in contact with somebody who has been, then why selfishly, put others at risk?

The longer people ignore simple things like using the Covid app to scan in and record their whereabouts, or by failing to wear masks on public transport, or simply don’t wash their hands, the longer this virus is going to stay around.

It is always a case of a few doing the right thing and the majority doing whatever they like.

Perhaps if they had a child or a family member who was seriously ill and really urgently needed treatment, they might understand the consequences of taking up all the hospital beds by letting a “super spreading covid delta strain” loose in the community.

It would put the whole country into lock down again and would not only shorten the lives of those who are already at risk, but also cause financial hardship on many who depend on being able to work to support their families.

NZ  and Australia are waiting with hope and a prayer that this couple’s lovely weekend away has not inadvertently helped the dreaded delta strain spread to more of the unvaccinated world.

It does pay to always think carefully and do the right thing first, not last, no matter how tempting it is to ignore the plight of strangers who share the world with you.

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