Tiny homes and mindful living go hand in hand.

Who wants a huge mortgage these days?

Maybe you are tired of the upkeep of a big garden, if you are busy with your career, or perhaps you are thinking of retiring and downsizing?

What can we learn from tiny homes?

Small homes have so many lessons to teach anyone who lives in a big home but feels like they’re running out of space.

By re-thinking some basic definitions of space in our home, and by considering carefully which items should stay and which should go, we should be able to declutter and practice “mindful living”. Tiny homes are generally less than 50m2. Several different types of tiny homes, range from converted shipping containers, kit set tiny homes, or even homes on wheels. By living in a Tiny home it can also mean reduced living costs for electricity, water and heating. There’s also less cleaning, less decorating and less ongoing maintenance. People that enjoy the lifestyle offered in a Tiny home often proclaim the many benefits – read more here

 Mindfulness is key to living well

Those who live in small spaces live mindfully, and it is perhaps the key to happiness in a lot of ways.

Giving careful consideration to everything that comes into your home is crucial to understanding whether you truly need it. It should be long lasting in both style and quality and be useful, not duplicating something that you already own.

 Create your space around you wisely

By learning how space is used in small homes can teach all of us something new. So many of us are used to traditional living, with a dining area, bedrooms, kitchen and extra spaces like studies, home entertainment areas and so on.

In smaller homes though, people are forced to use the space they have in the most creative way. A studio bedroom might double as a study and a living area could double as a dining area.

By being creative and flexible about how you use space, you could find that you actually have far more room in your tiny home than you previously thought.

Anybody who has lived in a camper van on holiday for any length of time will tell you that you do not need much to inspire you to do things a little differently.

The saying “less is more” can be quite liberating when designing a Tiny Home.

Worth investigating…..I think so! “Less house equals more home!”

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