So you want the best deal?

Of course you do! Commission charged for selling houses is huge. We all know that.

The salesperson who offers the cheapest deal though is not always the best person for the job.

Not many people know how the commission that is charged contributes to “up-selling” a property?

Choosing the right Salesperson

When you choose a salesperson because they offer the cheapest fee, you might be making a very common mistake.

Remember, the salesperson that you choose probably has the same overheads and access to the same marketing channels as most other salespeople.

For a lesser fee, while you save money, you might see your eventual selling price of your property decrease, or the time on market increase.

The discounted fee often will be because the salesperson has to cut corners somewhere.

They might not be able to afford to market to a wider audience or within the correct channels.

Perhaps an easier way to explain this, is to see your property as “a product on a shelf in a store”.

Buyers buy by comparison

Let’s say for instance that there are 5 similar products all sitting on a shelf in a store.

Your product might be pushed to the back of the shelf while others are being promoted to the front because they are dressed differently to appeal to a higher paying market.

Why would you then skimp on promotion, if you can increase the sale price by promoting your product to the right market?

An extra $5 000 in a fee can often mean an extra $40 000 + in your selling price, if you choose the right Salesperson for their “negotiating skills” rather than their fees.

It is a well known fact within the industry that salespeople who discount their fee drastically to win a listing will have to cut some of their service out in other areas.

They also will be less motivated to get the best possible price.

Your property will probably sit on the market for longer too. Or worse still, you could sell too quickly and not realise that you have “under sold”.

This happens so often when sellers do not do enough research.

One extra buyer could pay $10 000 more than the next buyer for your property, so why wouldn’t you want multiple offers from many buyers?

Multiple offers make buyers compete for your property and you will get a higher price.

Experienced salespeople are worth their weight in gold, as they should be skilled negotiators and normally provide excellent service right the way through the whole sales period from start to moving day.

They will understand the power of technology and marketing and be able to provide you excellent insights to invest in the right marketing campaigns to maximise your profit.


Make sure you read their testimonials – it is really important to know what other people have said about them.

A good salesperson will also be honest with you about your price expectations

You might not like what they have to say, but if you list with somebody who tells you want you want to hear, they could over-inflate the price, and you will be disappointed.

That salesperson will slowly negotiate you down in price as buyers walk away from the property, and you will think it is your property that is at fault.

In the industry this type of salesperson is known as one of the worst, and professional salespeople often land up selling their expired listings.

They are known to “buy the listing” by offering an inflated price.

When it does not sell, they might tell you something like… ” I loved your property so much that I thought it was worth more, but we can now see that the buyers are not wanting to pay that much”.

So don’t be fooled. Rather do your homework and look at the salesperson’s skills and references rather than their commission.

Choosing the right salesperson because of their known negotiating skills, experience and previous testimonials, is far better than signing with somebody who buys your business by discounting heavily.

Selling through a personal friend or family member often fits into this category, as they are too closely involved with you to offer objective observations, and will not tell you how it really is for fear of hurting your feelings.

Your relationship will never be the same again if it goes wrong, so rather choose an impartial expert who is good at negotiating, and who can back themselves with testimonials from happy sellers and buyers.